ION Enhancer

eION Enhancer is an accessory of the eLIFE Medical Device that is jointly used with the eFACE PEPTIDE that provides synergistic effect for skin health and beauty.

It is a safe, non-surgical and non-invasive health and beauty care product with no compromise on quality.


It provides a moderate skin sensation without heating to revitalize and improve the skin blood circulation at micro levels. This technique helps to relieve skin problems as well as bringing the synergistic effect by enhancing skin care product absorption after its application and hence achieving a healthy and luminous skin.

This synergistic combination not only further promotes skin elasticity and hydration but also helps skin self-healing.

177mm (length) x 52mm (width) x 55mm (thick)


LED Light:

Power supply:
Connected and driven from an output of the eLIFE Medical Device

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