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Mankind is accustomed to sound and sight. Our feelings are mostly controlled by sound and light. When we hear some noise or disgusting sounds, we soon feel bad. When we see some gross or disgusting sights these also affect what we want to do. Of course, your concentration and relaxation are deeply damaged. As you already learned, it is all the work of our brain. That is to say, our brain is controlled by seeing and hearing. It could also be from images that pop up in our mind.

eMIND is a device that boosts your concentration up and relaxes your mind by using light and sound to induce positive brain waves; it is also a micro-sized electronic device that provides you sound rest and relaxation, lessening your short term memory loss. Portable and stylish design plus handy use earn the most popularity among young people

What is Brain Wave?

Brain waves are signals that occur on the brain surface. These waves occur as a result of an ion penetrating through the cell membrane of an excited neuron. To observe the brain waves, the voltage of EEG(electroencephalography) has to be amplified to its millionth power with an elec- trode placed on the brain surface. In this case, the brain states can be understood indirectly by measuring the variations in the brain waves.

Brain Wave Stages

Brain Waves and Memory Processes

Brain Memory Processes

The brain is processing semantic memory operation, memorizing and grasping simple meanings of a word, dis-conformable effects of alpha occur and episodic memory referring to one’s own experience processes and alpha decreases and theta hippocampus increases. When the hippocampus translates new information and combines this with prior information, genuine theta is then released. Also through activation of nerve joint (LPT) hippocampus induces long term memory process or strengthens it.

Brain Memory Process
Brain Memory Process

It is referred to a newly developed technology based on the concept that various sense information or stimulations from outside are naturally processed, through human’s bio-physical functions of the brain system, inducing us into a perfect state of mind.

eMIND MCSquare takes the advantage of the latest Neuro Technology by using sounds and lights to convert Alpha waves in the human brain in order to reduce tension, fatigue and stress and improve concentration just within a short period of time.

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Functions of MCSquare

Functions of MCSquare

Besides its own core functions and high-tech nature, it is also armed with below irresistible features:

  • Ultra-lightweight of 24g
  • Compact size with only 55mm height.
  • Can be worn as a necklace
  • Practical and handy use with One Touch
  • Excellent harmony of elegant and stylish design

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