Introducing the Latest Electrical Essential Oil Diffuser with Cutting-edge Technology also Producing Negative Ions.

The air we breathe in the office or at home may have been neglected or taken for granted in today’s hectic society. We often hear or read about the haze or environmental pollution caused by heavy burning, carbon reduction, etc., but how about indoors?

A person can live for days without food or water but how long can you live without AIR? Food for thought.

MY ONE International has provided the best solution for everyone to enjoy fresh, clean and healthy air in the comfort of your home – eAIR, the essential oil diffuser without the need of water. It is known that water type essential oil diffusers can cause bacteria contamination if not constantly washed properly.


eAIR ® now enables you and your whole family to enjoy the clean, healthy environment like being immersed in a mountain resort, or picnicking nearby a waterfall in the comfort of your home. Inhaling clean and healthy air filled with negative ions; which are Vitamins in the air.


eAIR ® uses the latest cutting-edge ionization technology that releases negative ions thus getting rid of pollutants and dust in your surroundings whilst diffusing the eAROMA essential oil of your choice that can also provide the required therapeutic function.


eAIR ® incorporates the Multi-Strata Jet-flow Technology ™, which works perfectly with all the eAROMA plant essential oils from Belgium that is 100% pure and organic; allowing you to indulge in aroma therapy anytime and anywhere.

Getting to Know Your eAIR®

eAIR ® uses a pending patented technology that induces ionization when negative D.C. high-voltage is applied to a fusion of ceramic and special metal alloys.

eAIR ® is designed to conform to international safety standards as well as meticulously engineered and tested to maintain the optimal modulation of emitting ionization power.

When molecules release energy, under a specific environment, by splitting the electrons in the process and capturing oxygen molecules in the air to form O3 that is “negative ions”.

Functions of Negative-ions from eAIR ®

  • They react with pollutants and allergens, and convert them into harmless by-products such as carbon dioxide and water.
  • Eliminate the bacteria by surrounding its cells wall and destroy them.
  • Attract dust particles to clump together; eventually drop to the ground.
  • Enjoy the aromatherapy therapeutic effects when used with eAROMA essential oils.
  • Once harmful bacteria are eliminated and coupled with the effects of aromatherapy, our air quality is naturally restored to its pure, natural condition.
  • Simply switch on eAIR ® and fill in the eAROMA essential oil of your choice and the family will enjoy a continuous stream of negative ions in the room hence, enhancing better health and better emotions.

Benefits of using eAIR ®

In summary, eAIR ®:

  • Helps remove harmful dust particles suspended in the air
  • Helps to neutralize the harmful polluting gases (e.g. carbon monoxide)
  • Helps to eliminate bacteria, mould and allergens in the air
  • Provides aromatherapy when used with eAROMA concentrated and pure essential oil for it’s therapeutic effects.
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