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MY ONE International has developed a new direction and concept to promote high technology wellness. The range of high technology wellness products will bring the culture of comprehensive high quality wellness to all levels of society.

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During my high school days, I was already suffering from severe headaches and had to rely on medication to suppress the pain. When I eventually came into the working world, pressure at work increased the attacks and I had to take more painkillers each week to suppress the pain.
In August last year (2009), I was introduced to the eLIFE electric field therapy treatment. I went for the therapy for an hour each day for an entire week. I noticed that within that entire week, I did not get any headaches at all!
It has been a year now and although I still get the occasional attacks, I noticed that the pain is no longer as severe and that I did not need to rely on painkillers at all. As a “bonus”, I realized that I had also lost about 10kgs in weight. The eLIFE treatment had improved the blood circulation within my body and that helped me lose weight! After all is very important to a woman to always looking good!

雷秀丽Headache alleviated and weight reduced

In February this year (2010) I was chosen to represent Melaka in SUKMA 2010. Training was very intense and by the end of each training session I was very tired.
I still fulfilled my duties to complete my household chores before leaving the house each morning but it was getting increasingly difficult for me as I usually reached home late at night feeling very tired after intensive training. My body ached and I felt quite exhausted.
Fortunately, our sports training centre had an eLIFE Electric Field Therapy device installed. I used it for 30 minutes before each training session. I felt a great change - after each training session I no longer felt too tired and exhausted. In the mornings, I felt more energetic and could complete my housebound chores easily.

黄宝谊More energetic when doing house-work

Prior to using eLIFE, I have asthma, sinus and chest pain due to smoking. After using eLIFE for 2 weeks, I no longer depend on inhaler for my breathing. After 2 months of eLIFE treatment, I went for a body check-up at Seremban Specialist Hospital whereby the results shown improvement on my lung functions. It increases from 2.80 to 3.29 now.

Wan Syukri bin Wan MasnsorAsthma, sinus & chest pain

For both my children, I had Cesarian birth. A few months after operation, some keloid occurred around my wound. I need to operate again. After that, I suffered arthritis, heart disease, migraine and constipation. The worse thing is that I can’t walk for long distance and my face is full of pimples. After using eLIFE, eDROPS, eNUTRA and eZOUT, all my symptoms disappeared. Even my daughter with arthritis and my husband with hypertension found effectiveness in eLIFE. A big thanks to my friends who introduces me to eLIFE.

May YiArthritis, heart disease, migraine and constipation

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