High Fibre Drink

The Answer to a Healthy Bowel Movement

Improve your daily bowel movements by consuming a sachet of our proprietary blend of premium fruit fibre extracts whilst also enjoying the benefits of the nutrition it provides.

Present day causes of constipation can be induced by lifestyle, eating habits, stress, poor digestion and so on. Delayed defecation can cause the residue in the intestine to decompose, exude odour and acidify whereby producing toxins that can be extremely harmful to the body which seriously affects health. However, the negative impact of constipation on human health is often taken lightly.

eZOut™ with its natural ingredients helps you to promote intestinal peristalsis, soothe discomfort by regular excretion and make you healthier.

Product Features

eZOut™ is an instant beverage powder containing pure natural ingredients. When functioning in the body, it gradually removes stubborn stools and toxins from the intestines and maintains the health of the intestinal villi and microvilli. (Note: The main function of intestinal villi and microvilli is to digest food and absorb nutrition)

Oligosaccharide and mixed fruit fibre with Spirulina

  • eZOut™ is not a drug.
  • eZOut™ is not a laxative.
  • eZOut™ contains 100% natural ingredients promote intestinal peristalsis to effectively relieve constipation and to defecate naturally.

eZOut™ Relieves Constipation

It is recommended to take one sachet daily before bedtime. Pour eZOut™ into the bottle, filled with 150ml of water at room temperature and shake well. It takes about 8 hours for eZOut™ to take effect. For those who have persistent constipation, it is recommended to take additional sachet an hour before breakfast and drink more water during the day for better results.

Maintain daily use for three consecutive months for noticeable improvement.

eZOut™ Detox/ Clean The Walls Of The Colon

For health care purpose; keep taking one sachet daily; or at least three to four times weekly.
Thereafter, it is recommended to take one sachet daily for two weeks every three months as detoxation, or set a personalized schedule according to actual effects on individuals.

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