Color Impulse Therapy

Designed for eye comfort and vision care based on the concept of Colour Impulse Therapy.

e eyeGym is a high tech device resulting from the combination of Russian Research and Development (R&D) together with Korean meticulous technological production system has produced an economical, effective and light weight device for eye care. This has been a solution that people are waiting for.

Development Background

Short-sightedness (myopia) or Pseudomyopia is a common type of ametropia (Refractive errors) and usually happens before puberty (age between 3-15).

The poor environment and hectic lifestyle today whilst coping with today’s digital technology usage is now becoming an essential part of our everyday life. This extensive use of digital devices becomes inevitable and has aggravated the deterioration of many people’s eye vision. It is therefore not surprising that the population affected with eye vision issues such as myopia, astigmatism and eye strain is surging.

Blood Circulation Vitality

Stabilization of Mind and Body Recovery

Acceleration of Growth Balance

程序編號程序名稱 簡介
1Myopia 近視上午護理
建議早上09:00 - 11:00之間使用,以獲得最佳效果
2Myopia 近視基礎護理
3Myopia 近視午間護理
建議早上11:00 - 13:00之間使用,以獲得最佳效果
4Myopia 近視晚間預防性護理(預防近視與視網膜營養不良)
建議下午17:00 - 19:00之間或睡前使用,以獲得最佳效果
5Astigmatism 散光散光護理
6Amblyopia (Lazy Eye) 弱視弱視護理
7Low Vision 低視力低視力護理
8Asthenopia (Eyestrain) 遠視力(視力疲勞)遠視力 / 視力疲勞護理
9Pseudomyopia 假性近視調節和緩解眼部睫狀肌痙攣(假性近視)護理(長時間近距離用眼產生不適)
10Presbyopia & General Preventative Care 老花眼和一般性視力預防保健老年性視力退化 / 一般性預防保健
Tips for Eye/Vision Care

Please note! Results may vary depending on an individual’s health condition or time period with the aid of wearing spectacles.

  • Proper posture when reading or studying
  • Keep eyes at least 35cm away from reading material
  • Do not bend or strain the neck
  • Take a 5-minute break after reading more than one hour
Indoor Lighting
  • Avoid dim or insufficient lighting
  • Keep indoor lighting illumination at least 500-lux
  • Use indirect lighting (uplighting) to minimize shadows and reflected glare
  • Maintain the light or lamp clean
  • Avoid flickering lights whereby causing eye irritation
Living Habits
  • Make it a habit to periodically gaze into the distance
  • Try to gaze at the blue sky, mountains or night views
  • Manage fatigue and stress
  • Avoid smoking or consuming excessive alcohol
  • Sufficient sleep/rests
  • Drink more water (as 70% of our body is water)
  • Regularly blink eyes for more than 30 seconds daily
TV Screens and Computer Games
  • Keep eyes at least 60 cm away from computer screens
  • Sit at least 2 meters away from the TV screen
  • Watch TV or play video games no more than 1 hour
  • Consume vegetables, vitamins A,B,C,E & calcium
  • Take in foods that are rich in protein
  • A balanced diet is recommended
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