The top management of MY ONE International has always had a passion in the world of aromatherapy and has brought to you eAROMA, from the most prominent and largest European manufacturer of plant essential oils from Belgium. They are the aromatherapy experts using the best and natural essential oil extraction technology to product 100% pure, natural, organic and chemotype essential oils.

The understanding of Asian traditional holistic wellness values has resulted the experts to specially formulate and blend the eAROMA essential oils to help nurture our vital body organs through the 5 fundamental elements of Gold-Wood-Water-Fire-Earth.

eAroma essential oils are brought to the market based on careful selection and with stringent quality control and safety. We are therefore proud that our essential oils from Belgium comes with the following:-

You can now create your desired mood and conducive environment for work, study, rest or play.

eAROMA essential oils are pure and safe to use with international recognized chemotype symbols. More effective when used with eAIR diffuser though natural respiration.

(Please look into our eAir difuser specifications – you will be amazed with it’s technology without the water diffusion method which is so common in the market.)


eAroma essential oils offer a variety effects depending on your choice; from lifting your mood to providing
holistic healing.

  • Help your vital organs to recover better
  • Improve gastro intestinal and digestive system function
  • Relief stress, anxiety, emotions and enhancing relaxation
  • Relief discomfort caused by cold, flu or fever
  • Improve sleeping quality
  • Help balance bodily hormone and endocrine system function
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