The Secret of Health is in the Water We Drink.

Among all things that we consume, water is the most essential as it makes up to about 70% of our body’s compound. About 80% of human blood and about 90% of organic cells are also composed of water.

Therefore, the fact is undoubtedly, the water we drink can affect our health. However, there are many types or different qualities of water that are available. Certain types of water can be harmful to us while some can be beneficial to our health, aiding our body functions.

Ordinary Water Vs. eDROPS

Ordinary water can easily be ionized and chemically changed by the environment (through oxidization, disintegration, decomposing, propagation of bacteria and pollution by harmful substances). A product after careful scientific research in Korea, eDROPS® is a high energy bio-revitalize concentrate that contain beneficial properties; infinitesimal trace amount of ferric/ferrous salt with antioxidant effect. eDROPS® is easy to carry and can be added to our drinking beverages wherever we go. Besides, we can apply eDROPS® directly on wounds, bath and skin.

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