The Power of the Mind

eMIND induces positive and beneficial brain frequencies via light and sound to either improve your concentration or relax your mind and body.

Two different programmes of <Sound> and <Light> are available respectively for <Relax> and <Focus> functions.

Programme <Focus> – Helps to stimulate and improve memory and concentration during study and work, reducing short-term memory loss.

Programme <Relax> – Helps to reduce stress and relax, to soothe body and mind, and to promote better quality of sleep.

Both programmes can also be used adding the following, depending on preference:

  • Adding wave sounds or birdsong
  • A light frequency eye monitor to be used with closed eyes

The lightweight, stylish and portable design of eMIND is easy to use and suitable for people of all ages.

What is Brain Wave?

Brain waves are the electrical oscillations generated by the activity of nerve cells in the human brain. When presented on a scientific instrument, these oscillations showing the rhythm of brain cell look like waves, hence the name “Brain Waves”

Brain Wave Stages

Brain Waves and Memory Processes

Brain Memory Processes

The brain is processing semantic memory operation, memorizing and grasping simple meanings of a word, dis-conformable effects of alpha occur and episodic memory referring to one’s own experience processes and alpha decreases and theta hippocampus increases. When the hippocampus translates new information and combines this with prior information, genuine theta is then released. Also through activation of nerve joint (LPT) hippocampus induces long term memory process or strengthens it.

Brain Memory Process
Brain Memory Process

This newly developed technology based on the concept that various sense information or stimulations from the outside are naturally processed, through human’s bio-physical functions of the brain system, inducing us into a perfect state of mind.

eMIND utilizes the advantage of the latest neurological technology by using sounds and lights to convert AlPha waves in the human in order to reduce tension, fatigue, stress and improve concentration just within a short period of time.

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Functions of MCSquare

Functions of MCSquare

Irresistible Characteristics:

  • Super light weight of 24g
  • Small and compact at just 55mm in height
  • Can be worn at the neck
  • Easy to handle

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