ION Enhancer

The eION Enhancer is more than just a typical beauty or massage equipment. The full health care benefits of eLIFE treatment can be achieved during the use of the safe, non-surgical and non-invasive eION Enhancer in a beauty or massage treatment.


Product features:
The eION Enhancer can improve the microcirculation of the skin. eION Enhancer can induce deep penetration of beauty products to repair the skin, improve skin luminosity, smooth out fine lunes and wrinkles, lighten pigmentation and firm up the skin.

In additional to beauty massage treatments, eION Enhancer can also be used on injuries, sprains and painful areas for healing and toning purposes.

177mm (length) x 52mm (width) x 55mm (thick)


LED Light:

Power supply:
Connected and driven from an output of the eLIFE Medical Device

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