Making The Difference with Ease

MY ONE International has launched a series of high-tech healthcare products to bring new habits of health care to people of all ages. My One International has developed a new direction and concept to promote high technology wellness lifestyle and health care aiming to effectively increase <Cell Oxygenation> to relieve <Blood Viscosity> and enhance <Blood Microcirculation> in the human body.

Our products have gone through clinical tests and stringent trials with proven function and effectiveness. Bringing high technology wellness and health care into our daily life for the purpose of restoring and rejuvenating our body to a balanced and healthy state.

We bring you a professional wellness programme that is integrated into everyday life so that we can easily obtain high quality health benefits in our daily routine to restore health.

Through stringent requirements of our products, the proven effectiveness of My One International products can be achieved to regulate, balance, rehabilitate, strengthen the immune system and enhance the functional health of the body.

The Mission

To integrate High Technology Wellness and Health Care into Everyday Life

The Vision

Making it easy for people of all ages to live a healthy life

Our Values

Be Knowledgeable

The knowledge of Health Care and Wellness can be the key to a better life

Be Sustainable

We will continue to bring in new product resources

Be Well

We will continue to promote high-tech wellness lifestyle in a serious and rigorous manner

Awards & Recognition

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